I learned the basics of photography from my Father. He learned photography before digital cameras were around. In fact, he learned before Photoshop, 35mm cameras, Polaroid film and a whole lot of other modern luxuries were around. He worked with a 4"x5" Speedgraphic camera, the crazy looking camera with the bellows you see in old movies.

I spent a lot of my childhood helping my Father and using up his supplies while I messed around in the darkroom.

I later studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, I found my knack to be in architectural photography. Hospitality photography to be exact.

I love what I do. When I am not working, I enjoy camping with my family and trying to keep up with my two teenagers on my mountain bike. (I use to be able to beat them dammit!)

Please enjoy your look around, and let me know how I can help you.